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Welcome to the WanderingPaths mailing list web site. This site was created as a central hub for the WanderingPaths mailing list. As the list grows, this site will showcase the thoughts, ideals, and overall feeling behind the WanderingPaths mailing list through the publication of essays and articles written and submitted by the list owner and list members. It will also come to serve as a repository for links to other otherkin resources whose content reflects the same or compatible ideals and vision.

For a better understanding of the concept behind the WanderingPaths mailing list, and the ideals embodied in it, please see the Mailing List Information page for more information.

The WanderingPaths mailing list, and the WanderingPaths main site, have both recently moved and the new site will be undergoing reconstruction because of this. Please excuse the mess while we settle into our new homes. Thanks go to Kitsune Kyoudai for our new webhosting arrangement.

Oh, and about the webring? It's being rethought a little... the basic idea of a ring of really quality sites is good, but I think that the present guidelines are too restrictive. I'll rework it as I'm updating the main site.


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