• Edited Alternate Attunement Method 1 in the Reiki Annex to clear up something I had misinterpreted from Rialian. The present version more accurately reflects who this attunement method is used in his teachings, and where it had come from.
  • Re-uploaded the Vortex Weave to the Reiki Annex, from which it had accidentally been deleted.
  • Made "By Date" the default sort method for Writings, rather than "By Category", as this allows for easier browsing of new material on repeat visits to the site.
  • Updated the links list and main page to reflect the new address of our webhosts: Kitsune Kyoudai. They've put a lot of work into their new site.
  • Changed the default font for the site to 12 point Courier, in the hopes of enhancing site readability. This font is the font of choice for editors when accepting manuscript submissions because it is an easily read font, regardless of vision problems, and tends to help reduce the potential for eyestrain.
  • Minor edits to enhance the ability of Google to spider this site.
  • Added Smultron to the toolbox of programs being used to edit this site.
  • Updated the "What is Reiki" page in the Reiki Annex to reflect my current interpretations, and clarify that the other quotes which were there are the views of others. Many further changes and expansions are also being planned for this section at this time, as my understanding of Reiki is presently changing and deepening.
  • Edited the Reiki Annex main page to better conform to the overall style shown in the rest of the Reiki Annex. (Moved the "General Notes" heading down below the dedication, and changed the main "Reiki Notes" heading to "Reiki Annex".)
  • Edited every page on the site to change the title to something unique for each page, in the hopes that it will help indexing in search engines that rely on spidering of sites, particularly google.
  • Recreated the DNA weave page in the Reiki Annex, as it had apparently been deleted by accident at some point. Added an additional note about the DNA weave that came to mind while doing so.
  • Added the current url and description of Sacred Union to the Reiki Links page.
  • Added styling to the Reiki Annex and integrated it into the main site.
  • Added contact information (web page addresses or public email addresses) for everyone who has channeled symbols listed.
  • Edited Corey Thorn's Reiki Symbols page to place the symbol image behind a link... the size interfered with the styling. At a later time, I may divide that image into its respective symbols and link them by name as is done with the other symbol sets.
  • Added a brief dedication to the index page of the Reiki annex.
  • Minor edits to the stylesheet to fix a display imperfection in Mozilla/Firefox.
  • The site has moved to, thanks to The Lostboys.
  • The entire site has been restyled.
  • A links page has been added.
  • The entire site, with the sole exception of the google-groups promotion box for the WanderingPaths mailing list, has been upgraded to valid xhtml 1.1, though our current server does add a small bit of invalid code after the closing html tags. We currently have no way around this.
  • A Reiki Annex is currently in development. Presently this area is unstyled, and not linked to from the main portions of this site.
  • The articles section has been changed to Writings, and is being opened up to include awakening stories, memories, essays/articles, poetry, and fiction by otherkin.
  • Two additional views for browsing the Writings section have been added, "by author" and "by date".
  • Added my poems Identity, Wilderness, and Inhuman Heartbeat to the Writings section.
  • Modified the google groups promotion box to be valid xhtml 1.1
  • Added a page for links to external resources. All knowledge is not learned in the same school.
  • Created a logo for the Straight Tracks Webring.
  • Corrected email address to point to jarandhel at gmail dot com. While the previous email address, jarindreamsinger at yahoo dot com, is still in use it is no longer my primary email address.
  • Begun use of a new plaintext (and HTML) editor for the Mac OS. This site is now being made with the SubEthaEdit text editor. Those visitors familiar with the work of Douglas Adams should find this amusingly appropriate.
  • Corrected implimentation of signup form for the WanderingPaths mailinglist.
  • Uploaded celtic knot septagram image, to use until a permanent wanderingpaths logo can be designed.
  • Changed the list of tenets for the Straight Tracks Webring from an unordered list to an ordered list, to give the site a more consistent feel overall and specifically increase symmetry between the webring description and the mailing list description.
  • Removed code formerly allowing use of a Win32 file preprocessor. The WanderingPaths website is now being made on a Mac! The freeware program Taco HTML Edit is now being used as the primary editing software for the development of this site at this time. I like it a lot, though there is room for improvement in its handling of projects (I'd like the ability to open the most recent project automatically when starting the program, rather than doing it manually, and I'd also like to see the ability to manage folders in a project as well as raw files. Easy enough to work around, though, using Finder.) I also wouldn't mind some integration with the native OS X tools for spelling, but likewise that is easy to work around and is not a feature common to the html editors I've worked with in the past anyway.
  • Corrected all pages on site to make certain they properly verify as XHTML 1.1 using the Word Wide Web Consortium's Markup Validation Service. Unfortunately, pages still do not validate after upload, as the bravenet service inserts non-standards compliant code in pages hosted on it.
  • Added Change is Coming, Organizational Des'tai, and Warning Signs to the Articles Listing.
  • Removed development directory, uploaded site to main directory so that changes may be seen as they are being made by visitors.
  • Edited page in articles subdirectory to make use of a different template so that its links would work correctly.
  • Edited site to improve spelling.
  • Found base URL tag makes offline editing of site cumbersome. Have temporarily removed them in order to facilitate site creation.
  • Edited all sidebars to include a link back to the main page.
  • Reformatted the article listing to use an unordered list structure.
  • Revised formatting of several pages to improve appearance, also fixed some typographical errors.
  • Removed bullet image on all pages as stylistically it was inferior to the bullets generated by an unordered list. Any future bullet images will be implemented through style sheets.
  • Reformatted all files to make use of a file preprocessor to automatically update the static portions of each page's coding so that they can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Created changes.html file as a central listing for all editing done to the WanderingPaths web site, to better track what changes have been made and what changes still need to be made, as well as to inform viewers of sections which may have changed since their last visit.
  • Edited index.html to reflect the correct filename of the newly created what's new page.
  • Edited all sidebars to include a link to the change log.
  • Edited all headers to use the online development folder as the base URL.
  • Uploaded site to development folder for online testing of features and to better evaluate our compatibility with the services offered by our current host.