External Otherkin Resources

Synesthesia Symbiosis
This site may not make sense to you when you're first looking for information on otherkin, but as the years go by it's one that you'll probably find yourself going back to again and again. I know I do. It's probably the single best resource on real elves that exists, in my opinion, and the webmaster is a very good friend.
If you're new to the community, you probably want to start here. This site has the single most extensive set of articles for newcomers, though I hope some day to rival them. It's also got lots of other information, so don't pass it by if you're not a newbie either. It is possibly the foremost community resource site for otherkin.
Kitsune Kyoudai
This is the site of our webhosts, two people in one body whom I consider both my brothers in spirit and two of my very best friends. They've put a lot of work into their new site, and it's a really great resource on Kitsune and only getting better.
Starlight Infinities
This site is one of the best repositories of the things which are beautiful in the Otherkin community. Not to mention a very good example of them as well. While the owner and I don't always agree on things, she remains one of the more magical people I know.
Eyovah's Dragon Den
The mirror of a site belonging to a dear departed friend. I learned much from him, though we knew each other less than a year in this life, and I still continue to learn more from all that he taught me.
Swiftpaw's Tree
One of the best sites on Therianthropy that I know of. Be sure to check out the archive of old material linked to at the bottom of the therianthropy pages.