Jarandhel Dreamsinger's Reiki Symbols

  • Channeled spring of 1999.
  • Deals with Unlocking in all its aspects.
  • Gatework, transition, opening, initiation, revelation, rememberance...
  • "All doors opened unto you..."
  • Channeled at 3am on July 2, 2001 while in the middle of adding otherkin-channeled Reiki symbols to my notebook.
  • Method of channeling required surpressing the input and expectations of my conscious mind and opening to Reiki as I would to host a being.
  • I suspect it to be a symbol to aid in channeling, spiritual communication, receptiveness, and similar matters.
  • Channeled at Walking the Thresholds 3.
  • Purpose currently unknown.
Unnamed Channeler's Symbol:
  • Assists in channeling symbols.
  • I believe this symbol may help connect one more strongly to the flows within reiki, and channeling symbols may be a byproduct of that rather than it's main purpose.
Guiding Light:
  • Helps people connect with the reiki guides, ascended masters, enlightened beings, etc.
  • Promotes awareness of spiritual realms.
  • Though this symbol works, something about it feels awkward, as if it was not clearly channeled. Other symbols may be better for this purpose.
  • Channeled on 1/6/2005 around 2:30am, while working on other assorted reiki-foo for the Annex.
  • The name of this symbol is actually a word in the language of the person I host, Alaereth Seriasin of Yyl'Nector, which seemed to fit when looking at it. The word is a greeting, though there are connotations and undertones to it I am not sure how to put into words at the moment.
  • I first drew it on my own forehead, on my third eye. There was a strong sensation. But when drawing it and saying the name at the same time, I felt a tangible jolt of sensation... like cold electricity.
  • I am unsure of the purpose of this symbol as yet, but I suspect it may potentially have an awakening effect for those who are not awakened. I am not, however, convinced just yet that this is its primary function.
  • Channeled during Walking the Thresholds 7
  • Distillation to one's purest essence?
  • Draw by making three clockwise circles, then a yin-yang arc in the center leading into a small counterclockwise spiral.
  • Intentionally channeled on March 27, 2007 as part of a Reiki working.
  • Cluehammer; Hammer of Truth; Percussive Enlightenment.
  • Order of drawing unimportant.