The Karuna Reiki Symbols

  • Pronounced "zoe nar".
  • Zonar is said to mean infinity or eternity.
  • Draw a Z, then come up and draw the infinity symbol three times.
  • Works well with past lives and karmic issues.
  • Used for dimensional access.
  • It is also to help deal with or formulate any issues which are not clearly defined.
  • Allows us to open ourselves to the awareness of these issues and our own humanity.
  • Our cells can carry the memory of trauma, or even ideas that we brought with us from other lives.
  • Like the Usui distance symbol, it can be used to work through and release karma and pain from the past on a cellular level.
  • Works well with child abuse.
  • Channeled by Marcy Miller and said to have been given to Marcy by Sai Baba during a meditation.
  • Pronounced "hay-lou".
  • Channeled by Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller and was given purportedly by Sai Baba during a meditation.
  • Halu is said to mean love, truth, beauty, and harmony.
  • Amplification of Zonar, the Z is transformed to two pyramids and a third is added.
  • More powerful than Zonar and works in higher dimensions and on deeper levels.
  • Restores balance and brings about deep healing.
  • Thought to work at causal and karmic levels.
  • Used to break up negative patterns in the unconscious mind which we use to insulate ourselves from the truth, similar to Sei Hei Ki.
  • Shatters delusion and denial.
  • Can clear and open a channel to higher consciousness.
  • Works well to dispel psychic and psychological attack.
  • Works well with sexual and physical abuse issues.
  • Pronounced as spelled.
  • Channeled by Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller.
  • Love, Truth, Beauty, Harmony, Balance.
  • Harth is a symbol for the compassionate heart from which love and healing flow.
  • Used to heal the heart and issues of the heart.
  • Helps one develop Karuna (compassionate action.)
  • Helpful in healing relationships.
  • Also restores love of life and love for the things we do.
  • Good for addictions of all kinds.
  • Pronounced "ra ma".
  • Channeled by Kellie-ray Marine
  • Means abiding joy.
  • Used for grounding to the six directions (North, South, East, West, Above and Below) and connecting to the Earth.
  • Opens the lower chakras, connects them, and balances them to the earth.
  • Harmonizes the upper chakras with the lower and clears lower chakra energies.
  • Can help to get a person out of lower chakra issues (survival, lack, over indulgence in or lack of desire for sex, power struggles, etc.)
  • Can be used to clear crystals and clear a room of negative energies.
  • Empowers material goals and helps to manifest them.
  • Creates/stimulates steadfastness and determination.
  • If you initiate the feet with Rama and the power symbol, it will open the feet chakras and connect with the earth energy bringing balance and increasing the amount of Ki energy channeled.
  • Pronounced "know sa".
  • Channeled by Maria Abraham.
  • Also called "Planetary Healing and Enlightenment by Maria and Kathleen.
  • The word "Gnosa" is derived from the Greek "Gnosis".
  • Links you more strongly with the Higher Self.
  • Brings higher consciousness into the physical body, increases awareness.
  • Pronounced "kree yah".
  • Channeled by Pat Miller.
  • Draw this symbol with both hands at the same time.
  • It is a Doubled Cho-Ku-Rei used for manifestation and healing the human race.
  • Means action and creation.
  • Brings in and/or releases energy creating balance.
  • Raises awareness, transforms thoughts into action and manifestation.
Iava (ee-ah-vah):
  • Pronounced "ee-ah-vah".
  • Channeled by Catherine Mills.
  • Balances the four elements.
  • When drawing the four small loops, say "Earth" with the first, "Water" with the second, "Wind" or "Air" with the third, and "Fire" with the fourth.
  • Helps pierce the veil of illusion that is our conditioned thoughts and beliefs.
  • Lets us see things as they are, rather than as our conditioned thoughts and beliefs would lead us to believe.
  • Recreates your own Reality as fully your own and not as part of someone else's projection.
  • Heals and heightens reality awareness.
  • Frees us to respond to another in the moment, rather than reacting from past conditioning.
  • Allows you to take action on your own plans.
  • Can be used to heal the earth (situations, places, disasters, disease, etc.)
  • Pronounced "shawn-tee".
  • Channeled by Pat Courtney.
  • Means peace.
  • Assists in manifesting the best possible results.
  • Releases fears and nightmares and soothes the aura, creating a feeling of peace.
  • Heals the past, creates harmony in the present, and releases attachments to both the past and the future.
  • Creates intigration. (Some say this occurs on seven dimensions.)
  • Pronounced "Ah uu mm".
  • A sanskrit symbol used in many eastern spiritual practices.
  • The sacred sound of the universe, the primal sound, chanted to control natural manifestations.
  • Symbolizes the oneness that we are and connects us to it.
  • Represents the three manifestations of all life: creation, preservation, and destruction.
  • Purifies, protects, seals, and stabilizes the aura.
  • Brings in light, purifies, protects, and connects with the High Self and the divine.
  • Opens the crown and when drawn above one's head opens the pathways to the Divine and higher consciousness.
  • Also known as Dumo or the Tibetan Master Symbol.
  • Used to begin attunements, used with the violet breath, and used during treatments.
  • When used with the Karuna Reiki energy, flows through the recipient connecting them to mother earth at the root chakra. Thus, aids in being centered and grounded in one's spiritual purpose.
  • Pulls negative energy and disease out of a body, room, or situation and releases it.
  • thought to heal the soul, bringing spiritual growth.
  • Can be used on crystals to self-clear.
  • Represents the swirling, fiery heat of the Kundalini.
  • Dumo or Dumo Fire is the heat which ascends over the spine as a result of Kundalini Awakening.
  • The unification of mind and body produce the emanation of heat. Heat is the lowest range of vibration, radiating out to produce form (Body).
  • Dumo is the igniter of the Sacred Flame or Kundalini Fire.
  • Unifies the body and mind and works with the fire in the base chakra.
Fire Serpent:
  • Represents the Sleeping Serpent coiling at the base of the spine/base of the world tree.
  • Connects and opens all chakras.
  • Opens the central channel, allowing the flow of Kundalini fire, or the Dumo.
  • Can be used in healing or meditation for more balance and receptivity.