Reiki Links

Rialian's Reiki Intro Pages
The website of Rialian, one of my Reiki teachers. Also contains mirrors of the Reiki pages of his late brother, Eyovah, my other Reiki teacher. I cannot recommend these pages too highly, they are excellent for anyone who wishes to learn about Reiki.
This site has extensive information on Usui Reiki, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho, Karuna Ki Reiki, and other nontraditional but effective techniques. I highly recommend it as a source of information.
Adonea's Reiki Ryoho Pages
This site is a wonderful source of information on Reiki, particularly going into many effective techniques that lie outside of standard Takata/"Usui" Reiki methods. It also delves deeply into the true history of Reiki in Japan, and the japanese Reiki techniques.
Peggy Jentoft's Reiki Pages
Very useful site, including free in-depth online manuals for each of the Takata/"Usui" Reiki levels. I also highly recommend visiting her Huna pages, as I find Reiki and Huna compliment each other very nicely.
Seichim Reiki - 7 Facet Seichim
This site looks very interesting and useful. It's hosted on the angelreiki servers, but does not appear to be connected to their main site according to their site map. I haven't read over it fully yet, but some of the symbols provided resonate very strongly with me, particularly Angel Wings and Eeef Tchay.
The International Center for Reiki Training
A bit commercial for my tastes, but undeniably a source of much information on Reiki.
Reikifire Ministry
A group which believes in the essential spirituality of Reiki healing and attunements. Of particular note is their symbol library, a rather interesting collection which even includes some of the original otherkin reiki symbols as well as a variety of others.
Sacred Union
Although the author of this site has moved away from working with Reiki, her site remains the source of some interesting information about the interaction between Reiki and stones, particularly crystal-grid layouts. There are also two channeled Reiki symbols freely distributed here.